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My name is LavenderAurora – that’s my online alias. My real name is Latoya, nice to meet you!

I’m living in the eastern region of the United States. Living in a city where it's pretty busy and noisy.  I’m currently in my mid 20’s (I still can’t believe that) and I have a love and passion for doing whatever makes me happy.

I  live with my father but I am very close to both of my parents. I also have an older sibling. My father is from Antigua. My mother's family background is from Puerto Rico. I don't speak Spanish fluently but I can understand it somewhat. In school, I learned to write, read, and talk. I would love to improve on it as well as learn other languages like Japanese, Korean, and french.

I love animals! However, I do not have any pets of my own at the moment. 

I have a few hobbies, but the one I find most fulfilling is my need to always learn something new. That’s a hobby, right? Anything you see that I have made or created has been self-taught, including this website. I don’t always stick to my hobbies, as I have a problem with wanting to do too many things at once and getting overwhelmed, but it’s fun to start something new.


 I am always finding some way to have an artistic outlet. I read, write, sing, photograph, bake, cook, do stained glass, and craft.


Creating guides and content through video editing and teaching myself to get the things in my brain out into the world has been very therapeutic for the anxiety and depression I wrestle with.

 I love any shade of purple, sipping tea, and fangirling over magical girl series such as Winx Club, Sailor Moon & Miraculous, and more! Throughout the years I have been known for a wide variety of content but am most well-known in the reaction community for the Magical Girl Content I create. I have been known for creating Winx Club Content from Reactions, guides, and games (such as her popular Winx Club Cast series) to my unique style of Miraculous and Sailor Moon Reaction videos. I have been active on my YouTube channel from 2012-to 2022, during which time I have been able to change and diversify my content very much throughout the years. 


My Twitch channel has been born on December 14, 2014, providing comfy and wholesome content for a safe and positive environment, fostering friendship and companionship that is everything to her. My stream is considered chill, cozy, and full of good vibes. The Fluttersprites is a tight-knit community that keeps growing bringing others closer together as a family. I mainly play indie, simulation, and story-driven games but also adventures in other genres. Although I am not a professional gamer I indeed am a gamer who instead learns and enjoys the experience. I share other content such as live reactions, just chatting, crafting, vlogs, amv, unboxing, tutorials, cooking, exclusive content, etc. LavenderAurora as a brand is getting bigger and bigger every time, and I am ambitious at pursuing my dreams of being Partnered and going Full-time along with other milestones for the future. My #1 goal is to continue to build an authentic space full of peace, happiness, and a dose of affection for everyone that join us in this journey on the internet. ♡

Who's LavenderAurora?

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