👾 Chat Commands 👾

Interacting with Viewers:  

Available Chat Commands to utilize in and during the stream with the stream bots. I'm working on putting together a proper list of most used commands in chat. So here are some of them


  • !discord

  • !schedule

  • !sw

  • !subhype

  • !song - (Shows Current Song Info) 

  • !subemotes

  • !social

  • !donate - (Donating link) 

  • !sub - (Subscribing link) 

  • !wishlist (Gives link to wishlist) 

  • !sfx

  • !raid - (Shows raid message for subs) 

  • !sraid - (Shows 2nd raid message for subs)

  • !lurk - (Puts you into lurk mode) 

  • !love or !love2 - (spreads the love fulled with hearts)

  • !loot

  • !hype - (Hype Sub Mode) 

  • !hype2 - (Hype Non-Sub Mode) 

  • !hug 'username' - (Hugs another person) 

  • !followers

  • !followage -  (Shows how long you have been following) 

  • !ffz - (Shows the emotes we have on FFZ) 

  • !bttv - (Shows the emotes we have on BTTV) 

  • !shop - (Shows link & info on Teepublic & Etsy shop)

  • !date

  • !commands

  • !weather

  • !giveaway - (Shows information on current giveaway) 

  •  !give '@username' 'amount' - (give points to others or a friend)

Mod Commands 

  • !so @username - (Shoutout user) 

  • !shoutout - (This provides an easy way to give a shoutout to a specified channel in chat.)

  • !uptime - (This returns the duration of time the stream has been live.) 

  • !time - (This returns the local time for the streamer)

  • !date - (This returns the local date for the streamer)

  • !top5EHearts - (This lists the top 5 users who have the most points/currency) 

  • !hosting - (All the channels currently hosting)

  • !raiders - (Shows raid message) 

 SFX Commands 

Available Sound effects commands for both viewers & subscribers to utilize in and during the stream.

Please keep in mind some sound effects are for subscribers only and that the delay in order to keep from being spammed.