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 Lavender Aurora's Twitch Partnership 


💜 Path to PARTNER 💜


Please feel free to read to fully grasp!

As you (hopefully!) know, I started my Twitch channel on December 14, 2021, and have been streaming for 6 years! After relocating my live content to Twitch, I decided to accept affiliate status there! I want to make sure that everyone is aware of this beforehand. We've all heard that after you've reached the intermediate milestone of an affiliate, you're on your way to becoming a Partner. I'd like to throw some light on this. huge congratulations on accomplishing all of your goals, but the battle isn't done. You must now prove your worth to Twitch. And no, achieving those goals does not guarantee that you have proven your worth to them. Twitch will accept your Partner application once you have been consistent for two to three months. On October 9, 2021, I hit the path to becoming a partner. I am overwhelmed by the ovation, but the battle has not yet been over; it has only just begun, and it is challenging. Pushing for Partner is a great deal of work, and the duty will not stop after the application is available to someone. Now it's up to me to prove myself to Twitch. And, no, achieving those goals does not mean that I have proven myself to them. Twitch will accept my Partner application if I am consistent for two to three months. Yes, consistency is the last half I need to win the streaming war. It's quite straightforward to help if you want to! All you have to do is watch my streams and, if you like, communicate with other new audiences! Sharing my stream Link with people you know who might like it, or sharing it on social media, would also be very helpful!

💜 Twitch Channel:

My Schedule for This Week (Updated Weekly on Twitter and Discord):

Thanks to all of you, the Flutter Fam has been quickly growing! As a result, over the months of July, August, and Sept.
















Well, I’ve decided to take it further! I’m pushing for partner!

To apply for a partner, I must first complete the Path to Partner achievement. I have already achieved the goal that qualifies me to apply for partnership (Yes, I met all of the standards ESPECIALLY to average 75 viewers each month), and I am very close to being accepted. That is what sparked the insane notion of a month-long partner push!


How can you help?


Throughout my partner push (month of October & onwards)


  1. Lurking -- This is a HUGE benefit! Even if you don't typically watch my streams, simply having them on your PC or phone will help contribute to the viewer average.

  2. Sharing -- Inform your friends, family, or loved ones! Spread the word on social media! Maybe they'll enjoy the flutter fam community here too.

  3. Hosting - This helps get a viewer boost and possibly more exposure for a short time. It helps them grow.

  4. Raiding -- This is where we will meet new people to join our community and increase our viewership! Note: Raids do not count towards the Partner average unless they click my profile image (mobile) or delete the "?referrer=raid" from the stream URL (PC).

  5. Gift Subs to New Friends


What happens if I get partnered?


If I receive partnership it will be really important in a number of ways:


Emotes: That means I'll be able to let you utilize any of the other emote slots for more awesome emotes (Winx Club, Sailor Moon, Miraculous Ladybug, my OC, etc.) and significantly change my emote prefix!! We have been at the emote cap for affiliate for a while. Being a partner enables additional emotes based on subpoints, rather than simply one emote per tier as I now have.
















Stream accessibility: Being a Twitch partner will also ensure that I always have access to transcoding. This implies that I'll be able to broadcast in extremely high quality (1080 60fps) for people with fast internet, but there will ALWAYS be lesser quality choices for those with slower internet (You can scale it down whenever you want!)


New Twitch Features: All new Twitch features, such as boosted streams and stream recommendations, will be available to us first. Family Will Survive Better: I'll get a greater percentage of subscriptions! This can help pursue go


Plus, of course, some other benefits, such as improved support.


I will be a Partner Celebration stream that will include WAY more giveaways! These will generally be set per stream. I've always seen the Flutter Fam as a home and a manifestation of everyone's love.

Recap: Emotes, transcoding, new features, better revenue.


I'll be doing my best for you! I am grateful for any and all support, no matter how small. Let's get started!


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